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Happy Feet Travel offers travel for those who want to have their dream vacation become a reality!

We partner with destination experts to offer you the best vacation within your budget. Professional skills and personal experience combine to offer our clients a vacation package that includes memorable encounters.

Whatever your reason to travel, being pampered, going on an adventure, or whatever your hearts desire, the travel professionals at Happy Feet Travel can create a custom experience for you.

If you would like to make your travel dreams come true... contact the best Camarillo travel agency, Happy Feet Travel at (805) 312-6886 or email info@happyfeettravelclub.com...your first step to a DREAM vacation!

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Luxury travel does not just mean opulence, comfort and a plethora of amazing amenities offered at a destination; it is the full journey of the traveler from the point they make that first phone call to discuss their needs. The service they receive, the knowledge of the travel consultant, the journey to their port of call should all have an air of being a cut-above before they arrive at a resort or location that will astonish. Luxury travel means you can sit back, relax and enjoy the experience safe in the knowledge that every aspect will surpass expectation.

Cruise travel is a way to rejuvenate, unwind and relax as you head toward your destinations. Cruises can be anywhere from 3 days to as many days you would like to be way. Locations include the exotic, adventurous or just relaxing. We will explore all the possibilities with you once we design your travel profile. We work with all the major cruise lines to make your dream vacation a reality.

What is a group?
Simple...as few as 10 traveling together, whether it's on a cruise, a resort, a guided vacation or a custom made itinerary.
Types of groups
Families, Church Groups, Senior Clubs, Groups with similar interests (bowling, dancing, knitting, etc), or business associates
Why travel in a group?
Special Amenities, Discounted Prices and other benefits

Imagine yourself paddling a kayak through the dense belly of the Amazon rain forest. Can you picture walking side by side with the mighty elephants of Africa? Maybe a bike trek along the Great Wall of China or a cattle drive through Patagonia is more your speed. If any of these exciting trips sound like a great way to spend your vacation, then adventure travel may be for you.

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