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Each Friday we will feature a cruise line, destination or one of our many fabulous travel partners. This week is all about the destination of Napa, CA and the surrounding area. Yes, going local this week with dreams of fine wine and the introduction of the Ultimate Napa Experience. If you are someone that does not consume wine, that’s okay, there are other activities like world class shopping and spas. The area has great hiking trails, biking the Silverado Trail and a geyser that is nothing like Old Faithful but faithful nonetheless. Oh, did I forget to mention the Castle, yes, a real castle with a dungeon and all.

There is such a relaxing atmosphere when visiting a winery. The tranquility comes from seeing the neatly arranged rows of grapevines or listening to the birds chirp while sitting on a vineyard patio with a glass of Pinot. Imagine a picnic with some cheese from local dairy and crackers from local bakers and of course your favorite varietal of wine.

Look to the West and there is this small mountain range that separates Napa from Sonoma County on the other side. For years, the wineries of the Sonoma area liked that they were not Napa and offer a completely different experience. No matter what your preference, just go, there is something for everyone.

Hint: As early as July (late July) vineyards could start harvest culminating in crush season late September to October. Fascinating to see and experience but the hotel prices reflect the season.

Fun Facts!
• A mere 4% of all wine grown in California come from Napa Valley
• The Napa Valley wine industry represents $50 billion dollars to the economy
• 95% of all Napa Valley wineries are family owned
• Vineyards in Napa Valley range from sea level to 2600 feet in elevation
• There are over 300 stone arch bridges in Napa Valley

Introducing the Ultimate Napa Experience: • 6 nights • Over 20 wineries • A ride on the famous Napa Wine Train • Dinner at one of the preeminent resorts • 4 wine tours • A visit to a real castle • Oh yeah and wine

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