Cruising the Celebrity Edge

Having spent 7 days on the Celebrity Edge has spoiled me to cruise any other ship. We found nothing negative that would detract from a magical and awesome cruise experience. This ship is alluring, mysterious with her works of art and relaxing soothing music in the halls. My wife and I cruised (I should say experienced) the Edge December 16-23, 2018. That is the correct definition, this is not just a cruise it’s an experience.

Celebrity Edge App

Once at the new state of the art cruise terminal in Port Everglades, you will start to see the sleek designs, the clean lines and ease of embarkation. At 11am, the boarding process starts with the suite class and continues until all valued guests are aboard. Go straight to your stateroom, drop off any carry-on luggage, pick up your room cards and you are on your way to relaxation. The Oceanview Café (buffet) is open for lunch, for Suite Class the Luminae restaurant is open, Aqua Class – Blu and Concierge Class the Cosmopolitan dining room. Be prepared for mandatory Muster drill before the voyage.

Oceanview Cafe

Next start exploring the ship, I cannot recommend where; that is up to you. It may be staring on deck 4 where you will find Café Al Bacio a coffee bar for all coffee drinks. For connectivity opportunities there is the iLounge, just up the hall is the future cruise desk then make a left into The Club. The Club is where you will find multiple activities throughout the day and it turns into a cool night club in the evening where you can find dueling DJ’s or just dance well into the morning.

The Club

Main dining is split into four (4) different areas on deck 4 is Cosmopolitan and Cyprus Restaurants and on deck 3 is Normandie and Tuscan restaurants. Each have the same main dining menu, but each restaurant has a unique specialty different at each restaurant. We did try all four and fell in love with Normandie. Look to the Starboard wall to see the homage of wood panels from the original Normandie.

Normandie Restaurant

I do have to mention the public restrooms, there are no door handles, very Star Trek like with a push button and the door slides open. This is a better solution to combat germs as one can use an elbow to depress the white opaque button. I thought this was a cool feature, I just need my flip open communicator and fleet uniform.

With advances in technology come changes to the traditional way of doing things. For example, trivia is now electronic played on your smartphone via the free ship wi-fi. Understand, wi-fi that will allow you to surf the web, that is still a pay for item. The free ship wi-fi will allow you to access trivia and future interactive features propriety to the ship.

I highly recommend spending a few dollars for at least one specialty dining restaurant. Hint, book your specialty dining before the cruise through your Cruise Planner©. Two can’t miss venues, Dinner on the Edge and Le Petit Chef™. Dinner on the Edge is fresco dining amplified with a stunning views and excellent food. This specialty dining experience is only offered once during the cruise. Once on board you can book Dinner on the Edge, act fast as this reservation fills up quickly.

Le Petit Chef

Hands down the very best specialty dining experience on the ship, Le Petit Chef™. If you can only pick just one, this is the one that will delight all your senses. It’s part show, part culinary excellence and all whimsey. It is simply one of the most unique dining experiences in the world.  Your table comes to life as four chefs from around the world delight you with a creative dish from their home country. 3D animation transforms your plate and table into a theatric spectacle. The show is the center piece to this dining experience, the food does not take a back seat to the show. Each dish is not only creative but a treat for your pallet. Each induvial course is prepared to perfection.

One of the positives of this ship is the works of art at every turn. On deck three you can even peek at the hull of the ship. What company is brave enough to peel back her inner walls and show you her bare skin um, hull. It is an awesome thing to stand there and see the weld ribbons, rivets and builders’ notes or marks. Look for the brilliant blue painting that is spilling out from the frame onto the floor. Each stair landing mid-ship has interesting works of art from whimsical to mysterious. Even the elevators are adorned with a work of art giving each car a unique vibe. There is one work of art that can’t be missed, Avalon.


Avalon is the path to Eden, a space unique in nature playful and sinful. Eden is a not just a place on the ship (aft) it is a transformative experience unlike anything at sea. By day Eden is a place to relax, chill to read a book or divest your electronic devices and have a conversation. There is Eden café serving paninis, varied pastas and a carving station. Take in the aft view with a series of wrap around windows scaling three decks. Find your little space in Eden and relax. By the late afternoon, Eden is changing to a place where vibe is more specialty drinks (The Forbidden) and introduction to the Eden inhabitants as they perform. By night Eden is called sinful, a transformation where you will meet all the inhabitants of Eden.

There are not enough words or accolades that I can put into writing that will truly capture the total essence of the Edge. Every crew member we encountered mostly greeted us with a smile and greeting befitting the hour. Two stood out to us that made this cruise so heartwarming. At the Martini bar is Johannes, simply the best bartender on the ship. His infectious smile is the path to the caring way he treats each guest as if they were the only one at his bar. Our stateroom attendant Evita always greeted us with a smile along with our names each encounter. Our stateroom was always kept immaculate.

Another transformative space is the Roof Top Garden where during the day you can relax outdoors, sink into a comfy lounge or watch a movie on the huge screen. Satisfy your cravings with gourmet burgers, brisket, and BBQ at the Rooftop Garden Grill or drift away to the rhythm of live musical performances coming down to you from treetop sculptures. At night dance like no one is watching as a live band plays your favorite songs. Or just lie back on a comfy lounger and gaze up at the sea of stars above.


Now for what makes the Edge well…the Edge! It all about the magic Carpet, an extension of the ship that when on deck 2 is a stable platform for tendering, on deck 5 an extension of specialty restaurant Raw on 5, and on deck 14 it is a part of the retreat deck open seating with bar service. Sitting in one of the comfortable chairs on the Magic Carpet extended over the Starboard side is an exhilarating experience. What you don’t exactly see is the way the Magic Carpet is lighted on the exterior, being in port with the reflective windows of the cruise ship next to the Edge is when we got to see the light show.

There is so much to take in that a simple blog is just a teaser to whet your appetite for a different cruise experience. Throw out your thoughts of traditional cruising which might offend some long-time traditional cruisers, but that is why there are other ships. To enjoy the Edge come with an open mind and heart. I spoke to a few guests while cruising and found some of the older cruisers more in tune with specific items such as having the forward-facing lounge were a deal breaker. They just could not get over that there was not a forward lounge. However, there were seasoned cruisers that fell in love with the Edge. In any case, the Celebrity Edge has spoiled us. As we were to disembark my wife and I felt more like we were leaving a family of friends not a cruise ship.

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