Happy Feet Travel – Purpose with Compassion

giving back

At the start of our travel agency, we committed to giving back.  In our personal lives we sponsor a child through Compassion International as well as contributions to various organizations that are personal to us.

In the spirit of giving back our first goal is to sponsor another child.  As we grow, so should the commitment to give back.  It was at least three years ago that we started to sponsor our Peruvian child.  We entered church that day and on each seat was the profile of a child in need of sponsorship.

As we took our seats we picked up the packet with this young child living in Peru.  We could have picked any packet from the adjoining seats, but we felt there was a reason we had this little boy in tattered clothes looking up at us through his picture.  We have not looked back since that day and to make it more real a picture of our sponsored child hangs on our refrigerator.  As part of our commitment to sponsoring this child, we have frequent correspondence including special messages on Christmas and his birthday.  There is not a greater feeling then to have a hand drawn picture by our sponsored child proudly displayed on your refrigerator.

We feel confident with Compassion International and their mission.  As we grow so will our family of sponsored children.  When we do, we will celebrate with another blog post.  The first 10% of every dollar is dedicated to giving back.  We will be very transparent about who we partner with by placing their website link on our site.  Always check Charity Navigator for your peace of mind.

Travel is an amazing way to experience and appreciate other cultures.  Sir Francis Bacon stated “Travel in the younger, is part of education; in the elder, a part of experience.”  This blog post is detailing our social responsibility and commitment to serving others first.  Our clients are our priority, our transparency is a way to help our clients make a comfortable decision.