Meet Me in the Cheap Seats

Recent events in the news has me thinking about what is not mentioned when it comes to airlines contracts of carriage. Did you book your flight online? By clicking the I agree or continue to pay button, you are agreeing to the fare rules, conduct rules and baggage rules. Yes, I said rules because that is the terminology used by United Airlines. American Airlines uses the term, Conditions of Carriage.

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We made it through…the Bermuda Triangle!


Skirting the northwest part of the Bermuda Triangle we arrived safely in Kings Wharf this past week to the picture perfect Royal Naval Dockyard. The week of August 21 my wife and I decided to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary on a cruise to Bermuda, the same place where we spent our honeymoon.

It all started with an overnight cross-country flight to Newark, NJ. This trip was 60% familiarization (FAM) trip and 40% pleasure or something like that. The point is, when one of our clients asks about a cruise to Bermuda, we have the experience. So what has changed in 20 years since our first trip? Continue reading to find out. (Look for the link at the end of the blog for a chance to win a $5 Starbucks card.)

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Happy Feet “Hump Day” Happenings…What type of traveler are you?


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Learn what type of traveler you are, whether excited, lazy, or slightly odd. Are you the “make the best of it!” type or the “screw it, I’m done!” type? Find out when you take this quiz!

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Hyatt Regency Dallas

In April 2012 I stayed at the Hyatt Regency in Dallas, TX for a  business meeting and was impressed with the lobby and reception area upon first impression. The front desk staff is friendly and welcoming. The atrium is accompanied by a water feature, which resonates throughout the building creating a relaxing environment. There are six elevators, three with glass facing the atrium and three interior. I never had to wait long for an elevator as the speed aids in keeping people moving between floors.

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A view, friendly staff and oh yeah, Sparkling Wine!

On your trip to the Napa area or next visit, take a moment to enjoy the unique experience that is Domaine Carneros. It can get a little busy during the weekends, so be prepared to sit in the sun or inside if the heat of the day become too much.

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Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival is a must see event!

On April 8, 2016 the Happy Feet Travel Club took a trip to Oregon to attend the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival in Woodburn, OR.

Since we live and operate in California, driving is always an option however, our travel profile is to fly.  We want as much time to explore the area as possible.  The Burbank (BUR) airport is not only close, it’s convenient and easy to maneuver through the terminal.  When parking at BUR, there are several options – long term, short term and valet.  As well there is an offsite provider literally across the street we use to park.  VSP has a covered and an open air parking facility with air conditioned shuttles for your convenience.

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Join us for informational cruise night

cruise night

Come join us to hear information on our exciting new Caribbean Islander Cruise.  Save the date of Wednesday, April 20, 6:30-8:30pm at DCH Lexus of Oxnard to get all the information.  We will have prizes, give-a-ways, champagne toast and light snacks.  Please RSVP to by 4-15-16 to attend  Did we mention fun!