Happy Feet Travel – Who We Are

With a driving passion for travel, we provide our clients memorable dream vacations.
Happy Feet Travel is a boutique travel agency that was born out of the love of travel by owners Larry and Jackie Snider. We've traveled together for over 20 years and also separately. Our most memorable trip was to Paris where we stayed at a boutique hotel, visited many of the museums and made friends along the way. When we travel we like to immerse ourselves into the local culture. Our office is in Camarillo California, we believe that travel is the best way to understand our world.

Larry has traveled throughout the United States for work and pleasure including Hawaii, Alaska, Mexico, Bermuda and the Caribbean. Jackie's love of travel comes from her father who was a private pilot and would take the family to exotic locations in the Caribbean, Honduras, Mexico and Bermuda. Jackie too has traveled throughout the United States with a strong emphasis on the East Coast.

Together we started this travel agency with a desire to share our experiences with other adventurous travelers.

We have taken serious steps to make this a professional agency by joining industry associations like:
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ID# 05735310

In the hectic world we live in, many people don;t have the time to plan their own trips, research the destinations they want to visit, or attend to the dozen of details necessary to ensure that a vacation experience will be both relaxing and exciting.

Package travel takes the details out of the hands of the traveler and puts them where they belong, in the hands of the travel professional.

Pre-arranged packages also promise minimal hassles while on vacation, a powerful benefit in these times of more stressful travel.

Let Happy Feet Travel so the work for you. Contact us today to get your DREAM vacation started!

Our dog Kona runs up and down the halls on wooden floors. Her nails make a tapping sound whereby we call her tappy toes. As we were coming up with the name, we brainstormed over 50 names. Then Kona was coming down the hall and in that moment we called her happy toes, then it started.

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Certified Hawaii Destination Expert
Princess Cruises: Commodore
Celebrity: 5-star Academy
Exceret Park: Expert
Alaska Destination Expert: In process
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